HW#2 Notre Dame Reconstructed

Originally I felt like Nortre Dame must be restored exactly the way it was before the horrific incident but now that I’ve read the whole article and seen some of the modern presentations of Notre Dame, I think they should consider making it not totally modern but they should also go with the majority as 55% of French population which have voted for it to be restored in the old Gothic form. But hey, its 2019, and I think that they should really consider using some modern techniques for building up the church again. I totally agree with the fact that a nation’s pride is in its rich historic monuments so I think they should keep it Gothic style but also make use of modern technology while building the church once again just like how our Empire State Building is made up of material which is earthquake resistant, so that it can be stronger than ever and resist any tragic natural calamities. I feel awful for all the amazing artwork that they lost in the fire, but also they have secured most of the relics so I think they should display it like before. I personally liked the design of reconstruction of Notre Dame by Alexander Fantozzi, have a  look! Alexander Fantozzi’s Reconstruction Idea