Ashley Triblet HW1# How Evil was Commodus?

The mother Faustina was pregnant and dreamt that she gave birth to two serpents. The dream indicated that she would give birth to twins. Their names were Antoninus and Commodus. One of her sons would be fierce. However, her horoscope prediction of Commodus was good but his brother Antonius only lived to the age of four years old. After Commodus died his brother began to follow the teachings of Marcus. Marcus told Antoninus to follow the belief of a great Latin Leader Antistius Capella which as an instructor of rhetoric.  His teachings were cruel based and dishonorable, but this was the art of becoming an Emperor.

Commodus could sing, dance, whistle and play an instrument. He was so gifted that he was able to foresee his own future. At the age of twelve, he in a furnace ordered his slave (which was the bath keeper) to be thrown in a furnace because he made his bathwater too cold. And to cover this up, he threw a sheepskin cloth into the furnace to hide the odor. When Commodus was a child, Marcus and his brother Verus were given the name Caesar which meant authoritarian. When Commodus was 14 years old, he enrolled in th4e college of priests and was given a toga which was a distinctive garment.