Alysia Stephens : How Evil was Commodus?

The sculpture  displayed below is known as The Bust of Commodus as Hercules. Commodus was a Roman Emperor. Viewing this piece, symbolisms of power and authority is shown everywhere. The sculpture was designed to be precisely sculpted muscular to give off the illusion of masculinity. In the sculpture he holds a club in his right hand and some fruits in his left, while displayed wearing a headpiece resembling a lion. The head of the lion symbolizes him conquering power and respect while the club shown rested on his shoulder signifies the brutal torcher and pain he will bring when he reigns as  emperor. Based on the readings, I would describe Commodus as an evil, selfish corrupted person. In section 9 it stated that for sport he had cut open an obese person down the middle of his belly, so that his intestines would fall out. He slaughtered thousands of people for no reason, sacrificing people’s lives out of boredom. Commodus did all these cruel acts to show others that he was superior and unstoppable. Commodus was a disturbed destructive person. His behavior is distasteful and inappropriate, it is shown that was imbedded in him since he was a youth . Now I view the sculpture differently. All in all, Commodus led a life thriving on being destructive and destroy anyone who stood or question him .