Daisy Xia:How Evil was Commodus?

Commodus Antoninus, he is a very horrible person he did many unspeakable things. Which I believe is way past borderline torture, it is full on torture and for no good reasons. All the bad things that Commodus did had no real purpose. I believe that he did it because he just felt like it and because he was in a position to do so. He abused his power and used it as an excuse to do things that were not right. I think that he might be a psychopath. One of the examples of Commodus‚Äôs evil act is when he put a starling on the head of¬†a man¬†who¬†he noticed¬†had a¬†few white hairs, resembling worms and caused his head to fester through the continual pecking of the bird’s beak. I thought was horrible because what did he have against this man? What was the reason for this?. I found Commodus, who murdered some people¬†because they were noble and handsome¬†than him was something really childish. In one part of the reading it said that Commodus¬†often mixed human excrement with the most expensive foods¬†and he tasted¬†them. I found that to really disgusting and weird. I do not think that Commodus was a well man he might have been mentally ill. In my opinion, he was a really selfish, childish, weird and cruel person.