Announcement: NEW DATE FOR EXAM #1

A reminder that Exam #1 is re-scheduled until TUESDAY OCTOBER 9TH, 11:30 AM SHARP. Please ARRIVE EARLY, the test is timed to a series of slides. If you come late, you will miss the slide identification section (Part I) and you won’t get another chance to see them.

The Short List for Exam #1 is online under Class Downloads. During the exam, I will project images taken from this short list, therefore, you should know these works of art well.

Please be sure to review the names, vocabulary, and diagrams on slidelists 1 through 3. Also don’t forget to check out the Exam and Study Guide.

To help you study the different cultures of the Ancient Near East, check out this video by They Might Be Giants:


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3 Responses to Announcement: NEW DATE FOR EXAM #1

  1. Emeron says:

    hahaha to professor,! It is a very intriguing and amusing video, I cant see how it will help us on the test though. It just says Mesopotamians over and over again with four names.

  2. when i go to class downloads it asks for a password…what should i enter?

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