Graffiti as Art and History

Graffiti expresses the individualistic and unique style of its creator and so it is definitely a form of art. Graffiti is displayed and acknowledged throughout the world, and ranges from simplistic pieces, such as tags, to dramatic and detailed murals. I have encountered very beautiful works in New York and Canada that inspire and possibly convey messages to its viewers, but on the other hand there are also works out there that some may not find appealing or capturing; graffiti is diverse and provides a wide array of styles for anyone interested in it. Graffiti has a historical background that extends further than most people know. I believe it wasn’t until about the 80’s that graffiti really began to flourish, or at least in New York- so naturally, many might think that time period was the origin of graffiti. Evidently, the video on Roman graffiti proves the notion to be false. In archaeology, the word “Graffito” actually means ancient drawings or writings that have been scratched on the surface of walls and other surfaces, such as the inscriptions presented in the video on Hadrian. Graffiti may not be acknowledged or accepted by the entirety of society but it is definitely an art form with strong historic roots.

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