Graffiti is Art But

I find graffiti to be very beautiful. It takes a lot of talent to create such master peices, however it is wrong. Without the the permission of the owner of the canvas being painted on it is vandalisim. The same way going into a store and taking what you want with out paying for it is wrong. Though the creations are art, the artists (Barry Mcgee) seem to be more thrilled and excited to create peices when they don’t have permission. Hence when they get permission to use a space they tend to lose intrest and get the perception that it is no longer authentic or real graffiti. there seems to be more behind graffiti art work the the art the is a sense of addiction and criminality. It is vandalisim in the plainest sense of the word. I the last video where there was a specific space dedicated to graffiti, i thought that was a brilliant idea. There is still the sense of being outside and being authentic to it origin. In those instances I this it is straight art.

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