Homework #4

I’ve taken the train quite often, and the people’s facial expression, today, is ALMOST similar to the ones during the Depression Era. He has taken many pictures of people looking sleepy, upset, concerned and looking at different directions on the train to avoid eye contact. Even though technology has advanced over the years, the facial expression back then is quite similar to the expressions now. The difference is that the children in the train today are smiling with excitement and joy of the ride. Then once in awhile you would see adults or teens enjoying themselves too. During the Depression Era, many people were going through a difficult time, so not many were enjoying themselves as much as we are now. I believe Evan’s approach to photography has captured how people dress and express their feelings on the train. Without having it to be staged, he was able to take a photo of his experience. It gives people a perspective of the riders during the Depression Era. I think he was able to capture the image he was looking for. To capture the riders’ everyday expression during the Depression Era, through a small camera that was attached to his clothing.

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