Robert Fran’s America

After watching the video on the exhibition of Robert Frank’s photographs that were not included in Robert Frank’s book. I think Robert Frank is artistic in a political way, the way he takes photos of ordinary people expresses all the feelings of the person while they do their work tells the story itself. His photographs had a natural feeling of everyday life. When we look into his work deeper it does not look like any of his work was staged. In some of the photos we see people depressed or not happy at the moment because most of the photos were taken outside and of ordinary people while they were doing daily tasks. Frank took a journey across the country to get an idea of what everyone in America was experiencing after World War II. Most of his photographs were bleak, they held very deep meaning and a lot of them had separate residential and work environment due to their different color people. Just like we saw a photo in the class where a dark color lady was holding and looking after a white/light skin child but she will never be accepted to sit and dine with that family or to travel with them and sit in the seats next to them. Frank showed interest in the southern areas through his photographs that were taken before the Civil Rights movement, many of his photographs were focused on racism as I talked earlier about the dark skin African-American lady and the white child

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