Homework #3: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Robert Capa’s “the death of a loyalist soldier” is a very action oriented piece and considering this was taken so long ago the exposure of it is astounding. However, there is some valid criticisms that this photograph may indeed be staged, and initially I was very inclined to believe such a thing that the photo itself could not have been taken so precisely at the moment when a man is getting his head blown through with a bullet. However, in Richard Whelan’s discussion, he points out every instance and time frame that Capa had taken prior to taking this photograph. In his long article, he takes out his red string and starts connecting the dots and weeding out the inaccuracies as he takes historical accounts and witnesses that accompanied Capa when he took these photographs. It is extremely hard to deny any of this information because he is displaying the evidence, yet, the entirety of this debacle really stems from the fact that this photograph looks staged. And it most definitely does considering the fact that the soldier is in a very exaggerated position with his gun still in his hand as he is getting shot through what appears to be between his eyes. While this photograph may or may not be staged it does not change the fact this photograph speaks volumes on the state of war and it’s atrocities.

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