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Kyomi Davis-Parker H.W #3

Richard Whelan’s arguments are extremely compelling because there’s no clear evidence that Robert Capa’s photograph was fake. Based on Whelan’s article and common knowledge of Capa’s photograph, I think the death of this soldier was real. The body position and … Continue reading

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Kyomi Davis-Parker: Food or Coffee?

            From the articles, I am not surprised that some Union soldiers died from starvation or malnutrition, but I didn’t know coffee was so important to them. The caffeine produced in coffee probably kept the soldiers alerted and wide awake. … Continue reading

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Selfies-Kyomi Davis-Parker

                Honestly, people these days would do anything to have their fifteen minutes of fame, so trying to stop people from taking selfies or restricting certain areas to be selfie free zones wouldn’t change anything. I am not condoning these … Continue reading

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