Homework #2 Natalie Alfred

When questioned, if one had to choose between food or coffee, the thought of food automatically came to mind. However, after reading the two articles and learning about the unimaginable conditions that the soldiers had to face during the civil war, it’s understandable why the coffee was much more desired. The hard, pilot bread, raw pork, dried vegetables doesn’t seem to give off that mouth-savory feeling as one should feel before a meal. The idea that coffee was so idolized during that time is so fascinating. The soldiers saw coffee in many different entities; some saw it as a caffeine-rush, something to keep them warm, and others saw it simply as a beverage to wash down their horrible meals.

There are many dishes that I feel I can’t live without, but if I had to choose one it would be macaroni and cheese pie. There’s something about it being incredibly cheesy and the fact that it can go with anything; rice and peas, fried fish, etc and make the dish complete.



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