Food or Coffee?

Hearing that coffee was such a vital and treasured aspect of soldiers during the civil war came off a bit humorous at first because coffee is almost an addiction to many in modern day. However, in this event I wouldn’t have thought it played such a large role for them whether it was a mental or physical dependency. I believe other than the body craving it, that it also served as a comfort during these difficult times especially in comparison to the poor meals they had to rely on. While many would think nutrition would have played a more vital part, coffee was what they treasured most. This was even to the extent that a captured soldier was devastated over all the coffee he’d missed in a year. Even the south that could not get authentic roast even made rye-sweet potato blend. It can be debated if then coffee in itself was a psychological up lifter. Although the union may have felt otherwise, their success relied more upon their well-equipped army but coffee was their drive and sacred to them nonetheless.

fullsizeI personally am not a coffee drinker, I much rather tea. Food is definitely my pick and one I love especially is my mother’s stewed chicken.

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