Amy Chen: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

After reading the articles, it really showed me how important not only was food to the soldiers, but the basic meals they received was to them. Being inexperienced with cooking because it was considered the women’s task forced all these men to try to learn how to make a meal for themselves. One thing that I would’ve never thought of was how coffee fueled the soldier’s energy and their way in winning battles. Coffee is something that I have easy access to whether it be at home, or walking out to a Starbucks. It was eye opening to see how the soldiers adjusted and used coffee in ways to survive. Coffee was so important to them that they felt “robbed” of the hundreds of cups of coffee they weren’t able to drink when they were captured by the opposing side. A food item I wouldn’t be able to live without would have to be soup, particularly pho. I consider pho comfort food that I wouldn’t say no to.

Pho, a Vietnamese rice noodle soup with spiced beef broth and slices of rare steak and condiments such as basil, bean sprouts and lime.

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