homework #2


after reading the article it is understanding why coffee was so important!, especially during those time. a lot of things were different especially storing food and health. I would of hate being in the military during the civil war. I was in the military myself and spent 4 1/2 years in Iraq and ate a lot of garbage lol, but I can never forget my MRE(meal ready to eat) which is basically like a Hardtack!!. its disgusting but you do get use to it. I want to say in general that once I came home I was going crazy lol eating ever food in sight but the stuff I really miss was these two dishes. “buffalo wings” and “mangu”. Mangu is a typical breakfast dish that is from the Dominican republic. I grew up with Dominicans lol so this is something you got to eat in the morning. buffalo wings are the best!!! with a nice cold beer! trust me I been missing wings since being in IRAQ. while reading this article it did bring me back into those days in which me and my fellow shipmates would sit around a camp fire and talk about what is the first dish we are going to eat has soon we get back from tour. I really enjoyed reading this article.

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