Kevin Chanderdat’s Homework #2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

From reading the articles posted on openlab I found it very interesting on how much coffee influenced the soldiers of the Civil War. They loved it so much that the soldiers of the Confederacy, who didn’t have the resources to have coffee, tried to make their own coffee with the resources they did have. It makes me think how people of this age would react to losing their Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Their diets didn’t include any variety or flavor, mentioned by Tori Avey the writer of the article ” Civil War Cooking: What the Union Soldiers Ate”. Realizing that those men weren’t able to eat their favorite meals during the war makes me think of the foods I would miss if I was in their situation. My top favorite things to eat include a chicken over rice with pita bread on top, covered with white sauce, hot sauce, and barbecue sauce. I also enjoy milkshakes because of my sweet tooth, one of the greatest and most expensive milkshakes I’ve had was from the Black Tab restaurant in New York City.

Hallal Food                  Black Tab Milkshake

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