Ryan Hobe: Do we need selfie free zones?

Taking and posting selfies has become one of the most popular activities of the 21st century. As time passes, it only seems to get more engrained into our culture. Not only selfies, but also videos that display anything from normal-life activities to extraordinary events. People get distracted very easily and the need to be more careful cannot be stressed enough. The “need” to catch certain things in picture or on film in any spontaneous occasion can cause a situation where people are paying more attention to their phones than their surroundings. Although I believe that selfie-free zones may be a little unnecessary because of A. difficulty to enforce and B. times where a specific area may be more dangerous than other times, I do believe that attention needs to be brought to the subject. Not only the dangers of documenting but also games and any other form of entertainment that can distract us in potentially hazardous situations.

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