Selfie Free Zoning? by Yarie Vazquez

Since the wave of front cameras on cellphones we have all become culprits of taking selfies in unconventional places, such as in restrooms and even at funerals (you know it’s not just me). We’ve all become incredibly self-obsessed as we can’t help but take a ton of pics of ourselves when the chance is presented. Getting the ultimate selfie for some of us outweighs the risk of getting injured or even dying. I’m all for self-expression and unlimited selfie taking but when lives are lost or people are injured, putting up some posters and assigning selfie free zones becomes a necessity. Now, I know a lot of you will argue that you’re an adult and you do not need to be reminded or limited to what you choose to take a selfie with; but just remember that last time you were walking down the street with your eyes glued on your cellphone and you bumped into that person, or missed your train stop, or almost walked into that pole, or even almost got hit by that car. Selfie free zoning and warning signs is cool with me. I sure don’t want the cause of my demise to headline the newspapers. “Young girl dies after taking selfie a top a Boeing as it prepared for takeoff!” all because I promised myself that this time I was going to get to 100 likes.

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