Assignment 1

I do think taking a selfie in a life risk circumstance is not a¬†good ideal. This phenomenon of selfie is a bit out of control and it brainwash people’s mind, especially it misleads the younger generation. Therefore, I do agree¬†that the need of impose restrictions is¬†necessary in some of the places. For example from the articles, Yellowstone National Park, a place where it had incidents of selfie0takers being gored by bison, or on top of a building like the case of Kirill Oreshin took a¬†selfie on top of the Moscow State University tower, etc.. Also, I think the idea of create selfie-free space is not that good because it limits the creativity of a photo.¬†Personally I think¬†taking these life risk selfies is an amazing thing to share with friends or family.¬†But it is not worth to risk our life to do so.

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