Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Robert Capa was one of the greatest photographer during the war even though Richard Whelan use some evidences that shows that some of the photo of the war were stage, that doesn’t mean that he is not one of the greatest photographer. Whelan show evedence when he talks about the color of the uniform of the soldiers in comparison to the color of the photo that Capa took. He also talks about spain’s civil war where he met someone that he though it was Capa but at the end it wasn’t him, so that also prove that the image of the falling soldier was not take it by Capa. Whelan was really into Capa to prove that his photo where staged because he use photo to show why and how the photo was stage. He use a close up under his lap where it shows that the person that was falling was getting ready to put his hand. I will say that no matter if the photo was stage or not, that was the only way to let people how bad the war was. If it would it be be at war, that would make it difficult to take a picture. In addition to that, Capa’s life would it be at risk too and he would be able to show his work if he would die in that instance. Also i don’t understand how other photographer complain too much about stage when back in that time most photographer stage their photo.

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