Homework #2 Walker Evan (Geovanny R.)

Walker Evan was a great photographer in which he to took picture of people in the subway doing regular things. As we can see today in the subway people do different things, some of them are reading, playing on their phone, texting, or talking to someone. In the series of images he publish, he took picture of regular people no matter what kind of person it was. There was one thing that surprise me, and that was that this photographer went so far that he even put a camera under his coat so he can take picture of people without them knowing. He said in the news paper that the reason why he it took him 25 year to publish this photos was because of the privacy of people riding the train. By publishing them after a long time this will be soft and he might get away with it. All the pictures together makes it looks like it is telling a story but photos by it self it doesn’t say anything. It looks like the expression on people back then were similar to some people today. I believe is because everybody have a thing to worry about, even though is not the great depression but have also have their own problems.

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  1. cindia2010 says:

    hey! i agree with your post. I think the fact that Evans went so far to take the photos by hiding the camera makes the pictures much more exciting. It captured exactly how people act during the train ride which is how people act today in the trains too. Also yes I think that one photo doesn’t say much but when you combine all the photos you can really capture how everyone was during the great depression. Even if you cant tell its during the great depression you can tell that people like today were worried and had problems.

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