Tim Hetherington and Modern-day War Photography

I believe that Hetherington’s vision was heroic. He risked his life to document the physical, mental and emotional investment that comes with war. I believe that Hetherington’s vision was to demonstrate “the reality of war, isnt that you might get killed out there its that you will loose your brothers” (as stated in his documentary). Individuals tend to forget that soldiers have to deal with the physical and emotional scars from war. Tim’s documentary displays that they also mourn, or cannot move on from the death of their soldiers, who they consider as family. I also believe that his vision was to enlighten the minds of individuals looking in at war, they may believe that American soldiers intentionally shoot or bomb individuals because they are trained to. Tim’s film and photography demonstrates a heart warming side of these soldiers, they connect emotionally with the locals. A soldier stated in the Restrepo docuentary that he “needed to know better so that I wont kill these people”, he wanted to ensure that he was not maliciously killing innocent bystanders.

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