Photographing the Beginning of the Civil Rights Movement

After reading the story of both photographs I think that Will counts’ image of Elizabeth Eckford going to high school in little rock was more effective than Robert Frank, trolley, image from the Americans. Although Frank’s image was important because the image does show the segregation that they had during the 1950’s this image does not have that much impact because the image is outside and in some way people were already used to it. In the image you can see the people on the trolley without no problem. And in Will Count’s image you see something beyond than just segregation. In this photograph Elizabeth was experiencing something new, Besides from being a black student at a new school with only nine black students, she was also a symbolic figure because this was the first time they were putting together students in school and if they had fail perhaps the rest of the schools would have failed too. In this image she acts all normal but in the back you can see other students looking at her with hate. In this image you can actually see racism, and I say this because Elizabeth was thrown pencils and rocks at her. This is why I believe Will Count’s image was more effective than Robert’s Frank image.

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