Two different Styles. Equally Powerful.

I believe both Robert Frank’s as well as Will Counts news photography are equally effective and important visual documents of the social inequities in American society during the Fifties. Robert Frank’s “The Americans” show the ugly truth behind “American Dream” showing the everyday life of the working class, segregation, as well as many other social issues that many Americans did not want to “look at”/accept. Will Counts photography of “Elizabeth Eckford” in my opinion is very effective and successful because he was able to captured history as it happened, the way he captured Ms. Hazel hatred, and the fear in Ms. Elizabeth’s face expression it my opinion there couldn’t had been a better way to capture the event. Even though many people wanted to hide the truth of the events occurring in the US, I believe Robert Frank’s as well as Will Counts photography played a major part in showing the public what was really going on and demonstrating that something had to be changed/ something had to be done, therefore two different photography styles, by two different photographers showed equally powerful work in documenting the American society during the Fifties.

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