Thinking Outside the Box – Nina Katchadourian

I think Nina Katchaourian self portraits are hilarious, it was very creative the way she took advantage of a boring plane flight and transformed it into a fun-experimental project. Using everyday items such as paper towels is very clever of her. I think her work says that she’s open minded to trying new things and experimenting with different materials outside the usual. I think her self-portraiture are quiet funny even though she may intended a more serious mood it brings out a smile as I look at them. I believe we need more people like Ms. Katchaorian who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Ms. Katchaorian work compared to Mr. Hans Memling, is more comical and of course the portraits were done during her flights so we can see they the quality is less, but not necessarily in a negative way. Her face expressions and poses are just like Mr. Hans portraits, making them similar in that perspective. To conclude, I think Ms. Katchaourian should continue thinking outside the box.

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