Discussion Topic: Street Art, Photography, and the Inside Out Project in Times Square

I believe this project is really interesting. I’ve seen many times that when you provide people (not “artists”) with art supplies or some other materials, they just create amazing stuff. This just proves that many times people don’t create art because they can’t afford it, or because they don’t know about the kind of materials that exist around there. The street is just the perfect place for art, everybody sees it, and the fact that some photographs are not hanged up in a museum gallery, and that they exceed the usual dimensions for photographs, makes people stop a moment and look at them. It makes it more special that average people are the authors of the photographs, is like involving everybody in the construction of the visual of their community. For my community, (which I guess is, at this point of my life, Queens) I would love to see photographs of people’s houses. You can know many things about people just by looking at the place they live in. Just in my street, there are Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easters, Whites, and I don’t know what else. So I believe it would be really interesting to make this project. I know people love images, and I know they would love to see other people from their neighborhood, and find similarities or learn new things about human being.

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