Inside Out Project in Times Sq

I’ve never heard of JR before but I think his work is amazing and has a good cause. I did not have the chance to go to the Photo Booth in Times Sq but actually in my neighborhood there is a wall covered with photos from the inside out project. The first time I saw the wall in my neighborhood I thought of it as something interesting and cool, and went close to it to look all the pictures and there were a couple of people that I know. What I think is the coolest of all is the diversity of people in the photos, like all the photos in my neighborhood wall were from people from different nationalities, there were white people that are actually Italians, and Albanians since I live in an Italian neighborhood, there were Hispanics, Black people, young and old people. It is a very colorful, diverse wall of black and white photographs. I think JR is doing an amazing job with incorporating photography with street art and taking this project to different parts of the world and mostly rural areas. It is nice to see photos of ordinary people like me, and not having walls covered with celebrities ads and stuff like that.

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