Street Art, Photography, and the Inside Out Project in Times Square

I think what Jr is doing is pretty cool. I saw the trailer and noticed how they were putting the pics in different countries and even on trains, i thought that was pretty sick. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what he’s doing. I can also understand that maybe some people don’t want their faces plastered all over the world but it still is a positive movement showing that we’re all equal human beings and no one is better than another. What he’s doing is really great, he’s making all these political moves with just photos and showing people that they should help one another and even praise one another. Like when he went to Liberia, Kenya, and Sierra Leone telling the men to value their women and was posting photos of them all over their country. What I would of thought would have been a great idea would be the one he already thought of which was to post photos of people faces around Brooklyn and the other boroughs showing positivity from people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy and show that we can unite as one and overcome these certain situations.

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