The greatest war photograph & Robert Capa

I do believe that Capa’s photograph was staged because there is no evidence of blood in the soldier’s shirt, for me it looks very dramatic, perfectly posed. First of all, I have a huge respect for war photographers, they are very brave to risk their lives to capture the horrors of war. I also acknowledge that in the mid 1930s, cameras were still manual, and that in order to take shots like the “falling soldier” one, the photographer should of had pre-set the camera to the right settings, to capture the movement of an object. The whole scene is on focus, it is as if Capa was in the right place at the right moment. The photograph is powerful indeed, but in my personal opinion I think that staging a photograph loses the whole sentiment of it, especially in situations like in the war, because there is a difference between art photography and journalist photography. Isn’t journalist photography to capture the raw reality, to tell the truth about events? I think its authenticity matters because, a photograph is a frame of time capture in paper, so the fact that it was fake, makes me doubt the reality.

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