Discussion Topic: The Greatest War Photograph and Robert Capa

I believe that Robert Capa’s “Fallen Soldier” is a staged photograph. There is no evidence of gun shot residue or blood in the photograph that Capa took. I do believe that the photograph was staged after the soldier was killed. Captain Robert L. Franks suggestion that his curled hand already suggest that he is dead, allows me to believe this. I believe that after he was killed, Capa or another individual redressed the soldier. The soldier appears very clean for someone who was crawling through dirt and trenches. Also his clothing has no bullet holes/ wounds or turmoils from war. The photo was credited as one of the greatest war photos of all time because of the photographers credibility. At the time Capa may have wanted to publish something “vivacious”, considering there were no photographs from the war and other photographers may have not been courageous enough to get so close to the war scene. However in my opinion his evidence fell short, I am not considering Gallagher’s “lapse of memory” or other journalist opinions. Capa’s visual proof isn’t substantial.

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