If you’re sleeping, you’re not creating Art.

I believe that one of the main reasons any “kind” of art is created is to create some sort of reaction, to give the viewer the freedom to interpret it as they wish to. Even though I get the point that this was the intention in having Miss Tilda Swinton sleeping at MoMA, I strongly do NOT believe that “Sleep” should be considered a subject of art. In my opinion this “display” of art just seems effortless and meaningless. As I see it, art should be created under some kind of effort, it should be hand made or made using some kind of tool so to call a person sleeping in a museum a “piece of art” just seems a little silly to me. However I do consider Mr. Sergio Clavijo sleeping figures very artistic and clever. Since his creation has a good cause behind it I can very much appreciate it. The only good side I see in the MoMA presentation is the fact that we can see a person’s pure and real facial expressions when they are asleep.

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