Response to: Rooms from Versailles to post-Katrina New Orleans

I think Polidori’s photographs aestheticize the settings of catastrophe and also are powerful statements of unique events.  His photographs are not just simple record the event but full of expression. Polidori has a series of photographs that captured the aftermath of the natural disasters. These images show us the power of nature, and we can do nothing for it. It’s kind of reminding us the limitation of the human being. He hasn’t capture any people in his series, only show the destroyed part or room caused by the disaster or accident. In my opinion, it draws your attention to the settings of catastrophe. The image could reduces the powerful effect if capture people in it. This is because the contrast between the life and lifeless they balance the whole image. In other hand, he makes the image like art. For example, the image, Control Room, Reactor 4, Chernobyl, the purple and the shadow are very well matched, and make a dramatic effect. In Polidori’s other series, he’s also capture the room, and focuses on the powerful beauty of the Palace of Versailles. Each image is rich in detail, and the layers of the room are unique. From all the rooms he’d shot, Polidori is to reveal the object’s original state with his ideas.

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