Rooms from Versailles to post-Katrina

I think Robert Polidori aestheticize the settings of his photographs. Some of his photographs reminded me of Fox Talbot’s “The Open Door” The idea of Talbot about photography was that some eyes will often be arrested where ordinary people see nothing remarkable. I think this same concept sort of applies to Polidori’s photographs. Because Polidori aestheticizes the setting by finding the perfect angle, the perfect lighting that will capture the beauty of that setting. I really liked Polidori’s idea of home, as an exoskeletons of people’s internal lives and the fact that his work lacks human presence I think gives more power and attention to the photograph to give the viewer the power to feel what is going on in the image. In the other hand, I also think his photographs are powerful statements of unique events and as Polidori stated, he tries to aestheticize upon historic events such was the Hurricane Katrina where he captured what exoskeleton violation looked like by photographing all those destroyed scenarios and isolated homes where it gives the viewer not only the horror of catastrophe but exploded cadavers of those homes of people.

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