Announcement: AIPAD Photo Show Extra Credit and Blogging Deadlines

André Kertész, Clock of the Academie Française, 1929

If you haven’t noticed yet, all extra credit assignments have been posted under the Assignments header.  Also note that there is one special time-sensitive extra credit option that you can do this week.  If you visit the AIPAD Photo Show at the Park Avenue armory (April 4-7), and write up your experience of the show plus turn in your ticket stub, you will receive extra credit.  In addition, this is a reminder to keep up with your blogging homework. There are only 6 more weeks to the semester, if you haven’t started blogging yet, should do so now to fulfill the requirements for course homework.  Please note the deadlines at the bottom of each Discussion Topic.

Check out the AIPAD Photo Show here:

Lastly, due to some extenuating family circumstances, I am behind in posting grades but hope to complete all before our next meeting.

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