Response: Photography and Special Effects in Early Film

Clearly you can see that there are a few different setting in this short film. However, when the characters are in the scene, the camera never moves. This is similar to the way photographic cameras were in their early days. Also similar to the photographic cameras, Melies used multiple exposure and edited images together to create a “special effect”. In photogrpahy, negatives were put together in the dark room to create a larger or altered image. In film, a similar thing was happening. It was still in black and white as the early photography was. Also, Melies used the stops in his film camera to move things around and make is appear as if were turning into other things.

Overall, I really enjoyed the short film. I think it was more interesting because I did see Hugo and loved it. It was also entertaining to see the find kind of special effects happening. I would have loved to live in this time period to experience special effects and film when it first started happening.

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