Response to: Connecting to Spirits via Photography

I do not consider that photography of spirits can be captured. We all know that with long exposures people can walk into a photograph and then leave before exposure time completes, so that they appear to look transparent. As we discussed in class and this method is still used today. As far as possessions go religion and how committed people are to their belies can affect them greatly. For example when Shannon Taggart talks about people screaming and getting out of control they can be simply expressing them self and letting go to feel some release possibly. I don’t think possession and voodoo is something physically real I think that it is a mental thing. I don’t think these kinds of photographs are advantageous or essential because they can be phony and we would never know we only have the choice to take the photographers word for it but how would we know if it was staged or not. To me the photographs are not valid for historical proof of entities but the compositions of these photographs are interesting because of the way the photographers thought about what they were photographing and how to capture such moments. However if it is beneficial, existent or significant I suppose is for each individual person to decide based on his or her beliefs.

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