Reaction to Spiritual Photography

In honest opinion spiritual photography is both crazy and amazing. Taggart’s images of the vodou  ritual being done in the basement, were highly intense. I’d must admit, even though  the article did mention he does still photography its right, that images show the exact movement, dance, and sound that can possibly be in that basement. The images are some what disturbing , in one form or another, but it something that people actually do, for their religion, and other reasons. Still i can see how some people can feel afraid of these photos because of the violent material shown in the some photos, for example the second image shown with the soldier and his weapon may come to harm to people. Also the mention of animal sacrifice being done during these ritual just to connect to the spiritual world. Taggart must have a strong feeling and desire towards this type of work, because it seems pretty dangerous if there is real danger and these moment aren’t just an act being played. Some people don’t believe in the spirit world and the people it can have over people. I’m not sure if vodou is real, but it seems like it can be something intensely scary and dangerous.

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