Walker Evan’s Subway Portraits

After reading the review of the new edition of Walker Evans Photographs It seems like it was his passion to take pictures in the Subway, Which He called it “a project for love” he enjoyed doing what he wanted to do. He said that while people travel they have different types of personalities, he describes it as public awareness and private abandon which he says that its something unique in the people that travel on the subway. He also said, “the subway was a sociological gold mine waiting for a major artist, and that artist ended up being him. In the photographs you can see that most of them looked really pensive worried, others reading the newspaper, they seemed like they were daydreaming. Perhaps most of them were thinking about the crisis that was going on during the great depression. Compared to now it is completely different, our style of dressing and even our activities while we travel most of us now use our phones to read the news, listen to music, text and play games. Although there are some similarities to before, sometimes you still see people that by their facial expression look worried, sad or pensive.

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