Subways Portraits by Walker Evans

Evan’s subway photography project is really interesting and draw my attention, especially I’m the one who always go to school or work by subway. From his collection of subway portraits, we can still recognized some of people’s face comparing with nowadays people. Those people exposed their different expressions during the riding. One of great things of photography is recording everything including any object and important events. No matter what generation you are, you can see the past objects or events through the photograph. Thus,  Evan’s work really draw my attention. All the works he had done is by using his spy camera. Private is always a sensitive subject. I can’t judge the way he did or i agree with him because every question is not always has a right or wrong answer. But when I look at Even’s photographs,  his work is valuable and impress me. My points is photography is wide, there’s no certain rule to determine what is right or wrong except the bottom line seems clear. As time goes by , people eventually accept photographers their ideas. I like Even’s subway photography project and put more attention to it rather than  his approach to photography.

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