Old Processes, New Advertising


I believe that the reason as to why photographers have returned to the 19th century of processing photographs is because of how easily things can be altered digitally nowadays.  With programs like Instagram, Photoshop, and Pixlromatic, (App for Apple products and Andriods), that are so readily available to everyone and anyone that takes pictures, many people feel that the art of photography is being lost.  It is evident that within recent years there has been an outbreak in self-proclaimed photographers who feel that their photographs are artistic by just simply adding a filter to it.  Although some people can capture a great shot, they are unaware of all the work it takes to generate the true vintage look.  As I stated before, I think this 19th century way of processing photographs is making a comeback because some people are tired and sad to see that the art of photography is being lost due to all the short cuts available to people.  You can easily tell the difference between a photograph altered by a program and that of the 19th century process.  I feel that media pushes for whatever comes easier to them and is less costly.

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