Discussion Topic: A Woman Photographer on the Front Lines

When it comes to this discussion and to serving our country i believe if your a man or a woman you have every right to serve. I personally wasn’t aware women weren’t allowed to fight. I agree as well women should have the right to take on any job profession in life because this is America, the land of the free. I understand if people were unsure to have women out on the field because face it this is reality, there is no sympathy in the battlefield, people will kill, rape, and use any weakness to there advantage. Still on the other hand if a women is in the Military they are trained to use weapons, and understand combat in case they are in these kind of dangerous situations. If they can’t do those thing than why are they in the service? To clean the tanks? Just to show that the army isn’t sexist? No, they are there for the same reason the men are there to serve and defend our nation and fight for what we believe is justice. So in my opinion anyone can do anything no matter what sex, race or anything, let women serve if they believe they can.

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