To the discussion topic: Lynsey Addario, A Woman Photographer on the Front Lines

It’s hard to say that whether it’s too dangerous for women photographers, solders and journalist to work in war zones. Because those people play a different role on the front line. Without photographers(men and women), we don’t know much from the front line. Without women solders, it’s not easy to solve some problem relates to gender. In my option, those women photographers, solders and journalist go to the front line is not to prove that women can do many things as men do. Apparently not, Because we do know well our gender limitation. Women solder go to the front line and fight for their country, and photographers to convey their true story to the reader. They do their own jobs and plays an important role there. I think photo give us a sense of the war and what’s going on there. I can’t say that photograph is the best way to tell and show the real to readers, but i can sure that what’s happening out there – true. Therefore,I don’t against or acquiesce women photographer or solders join to the military or go to the front line as long as they are voluntary and without any force by law.

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