Old Processes, New Advertising

I think some of the reasons why they brought back the 19th century process of photography is due to social media networks like Instagram. Where it takes no effort to make these photos. Just snap and it automatically adjusts, where as the 19th century photography actually takes some skills to do. Also it gives the photo a vintage look. The reason for bringing these photography process back, I think is because of all the media hype. They brought back the real thing instead of the computer generated one. The real ones are way better looking. It requires a lot of skills and time to generate one. Many people with those high-tech dslr cameras and photoshop thought they could replicate it. But it is nothing close compared to the real thing. Those who consider themselves “photographers” really don’t have any idea how complicated it is to make a photo. Everything now is digital and with a few simple clicks and buttons you can create this so called replica of these vintage photos. But overall I think there is no way you can replicate wet-plate photos.

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