Lynsey Addario, A Woman Photographer on the Front Lines

I think it is dangerous for anyone to work in war zones. But I believe that they do it because these people want to show the world whats going on. I find it very sexist for women to be neglected from work on the front lines. I mean if women today are still restricted to what they do then why did we have the women rights act? It is dangerous for anyone, even if you are highly trained for war zones. But they still do it because they want to show the world. If there weren’t any photographers in the war zone we wouldn’t know whats happening and we would be complete oblivious to the enemy attacks. Men and women are equal and they should be treated with respect. If a women volunteer to be on the front line she is showing her courage and patriotic side of her. She is doing what she has to do to protect our country. As a country we should not neglect people based on gender. This country would fall if that was to happen. Therefore I think nobody should be deprived of their dreams. These strong women should not be limited to what they can and cannot do just based off of gender.

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