Old Photographic Process = More Significance?

Even though using old processes such as tintype to produce pictures takes tremendous effort and is a very difficult task the fact that photographers like Mr. Bornfriend find it rewarding shows how much significance this process has. Nowadays with all the new technology, easy to use and assessable phone cameras anyone could call himself or herself a “photographer”, but to take all the time and effort that creating pictures using the tintype process shows that there is much more meaning behind the photograph. Using this method gives the photograph a sense of quality and uniqueness that is hard to replicate. Nowadays getting all the materials needed to create a wet-plate photograph isn’t so hard and I also believe that in a way is a sort of trend that has began, but I see it as something positive. The easy asses and speed of taking pictures that we have today also makes us be completely prepared when taking a picture taking away the “real sense of character” vintage pictures possessed. I also agree that nowadays is just way too easy to get an image with the kind of quality we desire, using program such as instagram so when we take these pictures we don’t really appreciate them. With all processes we could admire the real beauty of photograph instead of “dressing-up” a regular photograph.

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