An Aspiring Photographer’s Outlook

An acquittance and close friend Alberto Vargas an aspiring photographer takes the photography world by storm. At only 19 years of age Alberto Vargas  has exhibited photos in Lower Manhattan galleries and traveled the world on photo shoots with commercial photographers, straight out of High School. Beginning with his infatuation of photography when his father ( former photographer) handed a camera of his own to younger Alberto and has grown fondly of the language ever since. Alberto captures images of what he finds to be beautiful in everyday life. Whether its stills of the New York City Life, Portraits of family and friends, Skateboarding or anything else he encounters as alluring. These photos are truly fascinating, you can take a glance at each image and see the entailment of a story in between. He is more than a photographer or an artist, he captures life.


Check it out :

*Scroll through the photos with the bottom sliding bar to explore the world of Mr. Vargas*


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Even though I said earlier this week that I had posted the last Discussion Topic for the semester, I just wanted to add this to our class blog feed.   First, thanks to everyone who has been posting very interesting links to new and old photographers/processes.  This week Magnum photographer Alec Soth has embarked on a project with the writer Brad Zellar as part of Magnum’s “Looking for America” project.  Magnum was the photo collective formed by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson and others. Soth’s photographs may recall Robert Frank’s photos for The Americans publication.  You can follow Soth’s week-long exploration of Ohio from May 17 through May 24 on a tumblr feed:

Follow Alec Soth in Ohio on tumblr


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China: Up Close, Personal, In Flux

In this article, Rian Dundon captures photographs of Chinese residents in their everyday lives.  I can relate to this article because I am Chinese as well.  As was mentioned in the article, China seems to be growing rapidly everyday, just like America.  I was able to see exactly how society has grown in my foreign country through the images.  The last time I paid a visit to the motherland, everybody was riding bicycles.  There was not a single skateboard in sight.  The last time I was in China, the weddings were very traditional.  Now, everything seems so advanced and it seems as if China is following America’s footsteps.  Take a look at the article.  Do you think it’s a positive idea that China is becoming like America, or do you think the country was fine the way they were before?

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“Capturing mouth-watering food images for the advertising, editorial and commercial photography market.”

Iris Richardson a food photographer who started her culinary career as a chef apprentice in Germany. She currently resides just outside Philadelphia, shooting photos of what she loves, food.  Iris shoots absolutely enticing photos that will grab anyone to their attention because well, who doesn’t want to see food in their latest shoot suited in its perfect and natural uniform colors, Le elegance. Not only that but, EVERYONE LOVES FOOD! Iris shoots food in such an attractive and vibrant atmosphere that the product looks too good to be true! It is digital high-quality photos at its best; now, to the extent to my knowledge food photography or “foodporn” is not just a point and shoot sort of job. It takes time, patience, perfect lighting of the prepared or seemed prepared “unprepared” food. You can consider food photo shoots as similar to a model photo shoot, that everything has to be absolutely perfect between the eyes of the designer (chef) and the photographer.

Check out:

These exquisite images will make you hungry for more.

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The Inside Out Project (Street Art and Photography)

Inside Out is a art project that in my opinion, bring people, from all around the world together, for a cause that has many purposes, such as, establishing equality, emphasizing freedom, erasing the notion of self-image and it shows the real faces of people who are part of our society. I love the idea that you do not have to be beautiful or handsome, skinny or have the perfect body in order for your photograph to be posted on the street, so the people on your community and the world can see you.
By looking at some of the portraits already displayed on walls in many countries, I felt that they were touchy, homy and so emotional that fed me with sentiments of diversity, love and passion because they are photographs of people from our daily lives doing different kind of gestures, from smiling to yelling, to teach us that beauty is what we have inside of us. Our attitude, personality, who we are and what we fight for are the qualities that what make us humans.
Seeing portraits of people smiling and making fun gestures on your way home can change the mood of a sad person. I think that it would be lovely to see portraits of people smiling and laughing all around Brooklyn!
I got very interested in this project and I’m actually thinking of participating, but I don’t want to do it alone. Who wants to join me?

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Underwater photography

David Doubilet is an underwater photographer and although he argues that this type of photograph is harder than land, he proves to have talent taking underwater photographs. They are in fact BEAUTIFUL! I loved them. I felt like I was right there in the water like if I was the one taking the picture. When Mr. Doubilet described how hard it was for him to take underwater photos, it reminded me about all those time when I tried taking pictures of me and my friends underwater. I remembered taking more than one because I was afraid that they were going to come out blurry, in fact, many of them came out blurry. Doubilet photographs looked so perfect that made me wonder how long he took to take each of them, they were definitely the best prove of Mr. Doubilet’s hard work.



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photo’s that move and flow

this is a very interesting piece i just came across. the photographer david doubilet takes pictures of land AND underwater. to think that past photographers had a hard time taking the perfect picture, doubilet really had to pick that decisive moment. due to the fact that everything underwater is constantly moving i must say that he is one of the most facinating photographers. he uses a ton of additional light and does state that the creatures he photographs such as fishes hate the photos, he also admits that he is an intruder to their waters but believes that the photos are needed. what do you think?

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Welcome Home, The Story of Scott Ostrom

Craig F. Walker – a photographer at The Denver Post – won his second Pulitzer Prize – an award for an outstanding achievement in print journalism for “ Welcome Home: The Story of Scott Ostrom”. This was an interesting article to read because it showed a chronological order of Scott Ostrom’s life who at the age of 27 returned home from Iraq with a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. He said to be constantly struggling “to overcome his brutal and haunting memories of Iraq”. The article contained meaningful photos of Ostrom’s daily life, how he attempted suicide because he felt lost in life, how he struggled to live a normal life, how his experience in Iraq affected his relationship with his girlfriend, how he tried to overcome his trauma, among others. Although he was no longer in combat, his whole life was a mess because there were many memories that could not be deleted. In the middle of the story Ostrom’s attorney said, “We send these kids off to war — we make them see things people otherwise wouldn’t have to see. Then we expect them to come back and behave like the rest of us” and this is the truth, people who has been sent to war cannot just walk away from it and live like nothing happened. Like it or not, there are consequences for everything. Isn’t it? We just have to learn how to deal with them.



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Street Photography through a Fisheye Lens

Street photographer Jook Leung takes visually stunning photographs and specializes in panoramic shots.  The amazing photos of cityscapes stretched and pulled with the fisheye lens, curving and manipulating the image.  As Leung states, “My goal is to invite the viewer to wander, explore and discover within a visual canvas that is the sum of my experiences as a photographer.”

I was first introduced to the magic of the fisheye lens by my photographer friends, and immediately saw the cool factor of developed and printed pictures. Check out Jook Leung’s photos and see for yourself–the images he perfects with his camera lens capture your attention, and one immediately begins to appreciate the different (angular) perspectives of these city portraits.

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War Photography with an iphone app

Does the type of camera you use make you a better photographer? Damon Winter used an iphone app called Hipstamatic to photograph soldiers in Afghanistan. Some critics have praised his photos and others are not happy, what do you guys think?

Personally I don’t think it matters how the photograph was taken but how I feel when looking at them.

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