Skateboarding into Photography

“Gonz & Crankers” – Giovanni Reda

Much people never figure or percieve skateboarding to be considered a fine art; but, yet indeed it is! Its a form of self-expression, where extraordinary gravity defying talents are met with blood, sweat and tears. Much as photography, its a fine art; When immix, the two compliment each other like a brew and a burger. New York City native Giovanni Reda full time skateboard photographer and comedian portrays all the great aspects of the skate culture. Snapping photos of the good, the bad and the UGLY in skateboarding and the life it revolves. From, Ads to just regualar skate sessions with the homies or kickin it back taking photos of a skate tour, Giovanni is a wiz. Exposing picture perfect compostions which include timing, angles and the messages he wants to deliver. Pure dexterity!

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