High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)

HDR is a number of images, taken at different exposures that when combined in software, contain an entire dynamic range of the scene, elements from the extreme shadows to the extreme highlights. This new concept of photography makes me think of Composite Photographs, I think the same technique is used for both concepts, but some additions or improvements are being used. In HDR photography they digitally play with the lighting and the results are extreme highlight or extreme shadows. They say that if an HDR image is shot and processed right it will give you detail in a much larger dynamic range than a normal photograph can present.

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2 Responses to High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)

  1. moley says:

    HDR images provide some the best scenery shots I’ve viewed around the web. The dynamic involved in the creation of the photo is fascinating. However like most neat things the software required to make the image is simple, it is taking enough shots with a high powered camera that make this particular area a bit too expensive for amateur photographer.

  2. asensog3 says:

    Oh, so that is what that means. Seen this new feature in the iPhone 4s called HDR but never new what it meant just that it is able to take a better quality of picture that the regular setting. There’s something new out there to learn everyday. Nice post Natali.

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