New Zealand native Chris McLennan has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Developing stunning images for his numerous international clients; ranging from, travel, culture, landscapes, adventure, wildlife, hotel & resort, spa and food. Skipping across time zones hopping from country to country worldwide, photographing what grabs his attention. McLennan is a world renowned photographer who takes his line of work very seriously and an outlet of entertainment and beauty; he is a perfectionist or as he says it ” nothing is sacrificed in the search for the perfect photo, Photography is my passion.” You can view his remarkable galleries in Miami or the newly open McLennan gallery in SoHo. These images are simply BREATHTAKING!….

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  1. mohsensoofi says:

    McLennan’s photos are simply amazing. One thing i like the most about his pictures, they are from around the world, so it makes the viewer want to see more of his great photography

    • Jian Huang says:

      i would have to agree with you, one of the many reasons why i like trav, adventures, and tourism photographers is because i get to see the world without leaving my room. But i guess one of the disadvantages is that i don’t get to feel and interact with people from that country and ofcourse delicious food!

  2. Alexis Y says:

    Chris McLennan photographs are phenomenal. These photographs are high definition. You can see he uses his photographs as a documentary to share his experience of places, not really public to the eye. There are photographs he takes for advertisement for different resorts. He knows how to focus an image and create such subtle photographs. His photograph has elegance to it. One of the photographs that I love was the one in the sea. You see the crisp clear blue water with fish and sun illuminating in the water, showing a sense of sparkle in the water and on the fish. I love it, such elegance and beauty.

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