China: Up Close, Personal, In Flux

In this article, Rian Dundon captures photographs of Chinese residents in their everyday lives.  I can relate to this article because I am Chinese as well.  As was mentioned in the article, China seems to be growing rapidly everyday, just like America.  I was able to see exactly how society has grown in my foreign country through the images.  The last time I paid a visit to the motherland, everybody was riding bicycles.  There was not a single skateboard in sight.  The last time I was in China, the weddings were very traditional.  Now, everything seems so advanced and it seems as if China is following America’s footsteps.  Take a look at the article.  Do you think it’s a positive idea that China is becoming like America, or do you think the country was fine the way they were before?

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2 Responses to China: Up Close, Personal, In Flux

  1. sandyng925 says:

    i myself havent been back to china in 10 years and it seems to have gotten very different. Dundon captured pictures of all different types of people. i believe he was trying to put together different aspects of china to form it as one. you have some strange photos like the first one in the slide list of a man between a pair of legs it looks a bit freakish. from skateboarders to graffiti artists to traditional dinner and modern weddings you have it all with Dundon. i think china was fine the way it was before but with technology and trends the world will change regardless

  2. moley says:

    China, now more than ever is feeling the effects of western culture in its expanded economic presence but has seen more change socially. Being open to limited globalization, China’s hold on the will and minds of its people are sure to diminish. Information travels at the speed of light nowadays and the internet is something people feel they are inherently supposed to have access to, by nature or god or whatever you believe in. People want the information in China, in Russia, even in the US. Change should be documented and the history preserved. Struggling against technology never ends well.

    People are always nostalgic for the good ole days, however were they actually that good to begin with?

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